I've hiked mountains, too. I can imagine how those moments were. I still love the outdoors. We can find time to talk about nature.

I'm glad that we're communicating. We've found each other because you've created the software presented at swell.is and we want to build a marketplace.

The Wix team keep suggesting us to pay them less, but to pay them something. This is no reason for us to use a certain service.

Jan Myszkier can make us not choose Shopify.

The 3 of us can communicate here and in Internet talks about what benefits we want. You can help us build a marketplace that should serve people at least as well as Amazon does. It seems obvious that we’d profit from this. Jan could work with Swell or Sol somehow and be (re)paid for his energy. (I like his energy.)

I hurt with you for the quality of air. We can express ourselves e.g. in this conversation and agree on how to make things better.

I really like what you wrote here. I think that interactions among people like you and me can do a lot of good. I look forward to time spent communicating with you.

I'd love us to discuss setting goals. Start when you please, using one of your favourite means!

I can help you to set up the Medium paywall. You seem to meet their 3 conditions.

1. Is this what you want to do or would you like people to use e.g. Ethereum to pay for content made available on your Web site with the Unlock protocol?

2. It's useful to also share the goal you're trying to achieve by using one of the two methods under 1.

I'd love you to succeed as a content creator on Medium, but it's more important what benefits you want to enjoy and what your current thoughts are.

When you want us to talk, we can choose software like Google Meet.

Julian Dumitrascu

My teams provide people, methods, and means to help manage your relationships, data, and resources: www.sol.enterprises

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