I am an open person and like communicating in public. For writing in public we can use Medium (Sol Relationship Management, Sol Data Management, Sol Resource Management) and Google Currents.

My teams create Podio spaces to communicate and collaborate with other teams and with individual customers.

I can agree with every person on a communication procedure; as any set of rules, it should be as short and clear as possible.

Talking over the Internet

We can use Tandem, Google Meet, Around, Jitsi, TeamViewer.
(I wrote about this in 2013.)

  • We agree on the time when we join the call and on the approximate duration…

We need one program that helps us manage all our communication.

I try to centralize data in Podio.

I record all communication.

Public communication

Public dialogue is much needed. While it has been happening for some time, we need it to be more effective.

case 1

Some people discuss in (very) small groups what concerns (many) more people.

By communicating in public we can reduce the time spent communicating in preparation for needed deeds and make communication more effective.

case 2

Some people start communicating with you in public and immediately ask you to switch to private communication.

Publicly recorded communication means…

You can communicate freely with me about how people build relationships and how you like to build relationships with people with whom you’d trade or take political action.

1.1 Let me know what makes you look forward to communicating with a person!

I’ll do the same, so that we get in tune with each other.

1.2 One communicates about many things. What is your network of topics?
Let me know what topics are worth your while!

I’ll do the same, so that we focus on our common topics.

Such things form the first stage of building a relationship: building rapport.

1. Putem să vă ajutăm să construiți cu clienții dialoguri cât de bune doriți.

Putem să preluăm comenzi și să îi informăm pe clienții voștri prin Internet și în birourile noastre.

2. Putem să vă ajutăm să gestionați datele cât mai folositor.

2.1 Vă recomandăm mijloace și metode informatice, le configurăm și vă ajutăm să le folosiți.

2.2 Când vrea să folosească un produs, oricare din noi încearcă să răspundă la întrebarea: Care prestatori mi-ar fi de mai mare folos? Uneori e bine și să notăm răspunsul, preferabil într-un tabel (dintr-o bază de date). …


I am going to discuss with you things that CEOs discuss.

For now I'd like the Ecwid team to help my team with these things:

1. Some customers represent legal persons. Where in their account are they to input data about these legal persons?

In the field enabled here under: Ask for the company name

2. We want to sell products from many locations. When somebody orders products from 2+ locations, we want to charge them for shipping from each location. How do we configure this?
I wrote an e-mail message about this to your colleague, Liza, on 13 August…

Why do we want a more helpful service than WhatsApp?

We have enough programs that work on computers of size 4 or size 3 without us needing to use a second computer. We live better with fewer devices.

Unlike in Medium and Facebook, in WhatsApp and Signal I have to add a person’s name in my contact list so that I know with whom I communicate.

Unlike Facebook Messenger and Signal, it doesn’t show when I’ve called somebody and they didn’t take my call.

It forces us to see to its notifications, so we might end up treating others rather poorly. So we could use Signal or Element. (We could use Reverb to leave sound messages in Element.)

Why do we want a more helpful service than “electronic mail”?

It doesn’t feel easy to add something after sending a message. When we want to, we can use e.g. Podio.

When one has a (good) reason to edit their message, one needs another service.

Julian Dumitrascu

My teams provide people, methods, and means to help manage your relationships, data, and resources: www.sol.enterprises

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