We design this service together with you, its users, so have your say!

To the extent that you allow me to beat you to it, read the following words! I’d love to discuss these things with you.

Some betting services charge a fee for all bets, others only for losing bets. If we charge for all bets, sometimes you wouldn’t really feel like you’ve won. If we charge only for losing bets, you might feel burdened that you fund both the service and the winnings. For which of these funding methods do you vote? We incline towards the latter, because it reduces the cost of this service.
While some betting services cost huge amounts of money without offering their customers the best terms, we are on our customers’ side as we build this service and help them make the most of betting while reducing its cost.

You can bet on the outcomes of:

We suggest the following lotteries for the moment. As you discuss with us what you want from a betting service, we adapt our service, Sol Betting, to include more of what you want.

As winning odds increase, winnings become smaller. We offer bets with different odds and adapt them to match the ratios you want between the winning odds and the size of the possible winnings.

1. numbers 0 and 1

You can bet on both numbers.

1 number costs USD 2.

2 numbers cost USD 10k.

We’d like to offer such a lottery, because it increases your odds a lot, but this very design is risky: if all bets win, there are actually no winnings. Because every service has a cost, we keep a percentage of the pooled money, so all bettors would get back less money than they would have paid.

2. numbers 0 and 1

You can bet on either number.

1 bet costs USD 2.

3. numbers 0 to 2

You can bet on up to 3 numbers.

1 number costs USD 2.

2 numbers cost USD 1k.

3 numbers cost USD 1m.

If 1 person bets on all numbers, they are more satisfied if more bets are wrong. The more people participate in this lottery, the more people it can satisfy.

4. numbers 0 to 3

You can bet on up to 4 numbers.

1 number costs USD 2.

2 numbers cost USD 100.

3 numbers cost USD 10k.

4 numbers cost USD 1m.

Many people can afford 50% odds.

5. numbers 0 to 5

You can bet on up to 6 numbers.

1 number costs USD 2.

2 numbers cost USD 20.

3 numbers cost USD 400.

4 numbers cost USD 8k.

5 numbers cost USD 150k.

6 numbers cost USD 2m.

Many people can afford 50% odds. I think that more people would compete in this lottery than in lottery 3.

6. numbers 0 to 7

You can bet on up to 8 numbers.

1 number costs USD 2.

2 numbers cost USD 10.

3 numbers cost USD 100.

4 numbers cost USD 1k.

5 numbers cost USD 10k.

6 numbers cost USD 100k.

7 numbers cost USD 1m.

8 numbers cost USD 5m.

Some people can afford 50% odds. I think that hardly anybody would bet on all numbers. Do you prefer this lottery or lottery 5?

7. numbers 0 to 9

You can bet on up to 10 numbers.

1 number costs USD 2.

2 numbers cost USD 5.

3 numbers cost USD 25.

4 numbers cost USD 100.

5 numbers cost USD 500.

6 numbers cost USD 2,500.

7 numbers cost USD 12k.

8 numbers cost USD 60k.

9 numbers cost USD 300k.

10 numbers cost USD 1.5m.

Many people can afford 50% odds. Do you find this lottery more satisfactory than lottery 5 and even than lottery 6?

8. numbers 0 to 19

You can bet on up to 20 numbers.

1 number costs USD 2.

2 numbers cost USD 5.

3 numbers cost USD 10.

4 numbers cost USD 20.

5 numbers cost USD 40.

6 numbers cost USD 80.

7 numbers cost USD 150.

8 numbers cost USD 300.

9 numbers cost USD 500.

10 numbers cost USD 1k.

11 numbers cost USD 2k.

12 numbers cost USD 5k.

13 numbers cost USD 10k.

14 numbers cost USD 20k.

15 numbers cost USD 50k.

16 numbers cost USD 100k.

17 numbers cost USD 200k.

18 numbers cost USD 500k.

19 numbers cost USD 1m.

20 numbers cost USD 2m.

I think that many people would like it that they can afford odds of up to 50%. What odds would you buy across these 8 lotteries and how much would you pay for them?


You can repeat a bet in a betting slip any number of times.

How frequent do you want the draws to be?

You can ask us in advance to place your bets according to various schedules.

We can hold a raffle after every draw. We create a fund for this and split it equally among n winners. We’ll agree on the value of n. We can limit the number of participating slips e.g. to every other slip.

You can get a loan and bet on all numbers.

We offer more and more opportunities to bet on sporting events, e.g. on soccer matches. You can bet on matches from Germany’s first league. The next matches start at 13:30 UTC on 16 May; they show the starting times in your computer’s timezone. The match between Borussia Dortmund and FC Schalke 04 seems really interesting; doesn’t it?

The higher sportspeople rank, the more people pay to see them play. A main activity in sports is scoring. I give examples of bets related to scoring:

  • Who wins the match?
  • Who loses the match?
  • Will they draw?
  • What will be the final score?
  • How many goals will they score?
  • What will be the goal difference between the 2 sides?
  • Which side scores first?
  • Which side scores last?
  • Which team scores at least one goal?
  • Which player scores at least one goal?

We can discuss placing such bets for every part of the game.

We share the money from the losing bets among the winning bets according to the sizes of the winning bets. Example:

There are 8 winning bets of USD 100 each and 10 losing bets of USD 72 each. We share USD 720 among 8 bets, so the gross winning is USD 90. Our service costs 6% of each winning.
Some companies charge people for winning “too much”. We don’t.

You can insure your bet by paying a percentage of the initial amount. How does this reduce your loss when you lose a bet?

  • If you pay 1%, you lose 90% of your wager.
  • If you pay 2%, you lose 81% of your wager.
  • If you pay 3%, you lose 73% of your wager.
  • If you pay 4%, you lose 66% of your wager.
  • If you pay 5%, you lose 60% of your wager.
  • If you pay 6%, you lose 55% of your wager.
  • If you pay 7%, you lose 51% of your wager.
  • If you pay 8%, you lose 48% of your wager.
  • If you pay 9%, you lose 46% of your wager.
  • If you pay 10%, you lose 45% of your wager.

You choose to bet USD 100 and a 10% insurance fee.
We charge you USD 10 and place a USD 90 bet.
If you lose the bet, you keep USD 49.50.
If you win the bet and your winning share is USD 20, you keep: USD 90 + 18.80 = 108.80

Let’s see it from the other side!
You bet USD 100 and win the bet.
If a bettor has paid a 10% insurance fee for USD 1 from your winning share, you keep USD 118.28.

How much do you like this deal? We’ll agree with you on what improvements are possible.

Sol Content is going to broadcast sporting events.

You can bet on the more predictable events from your favorite competition shows, e.g. which contestant is eliminated in a certain episode.

We can discuss many types of elections. I start with electing a country’s president.

Burundi will hold their next presidential election on 20 May 2020. Here are the 6 candidates! On which one do you bet?

You can also try to forecast e.g. the exchange rate of certain currencies displayed publicly at a certain time or the air temperature in a certain place at a certain time, as displayed publicly over the Internet.

You open an account with Sol Financial Services and deposit money. You bet how much money you want.

You can use this account to receive money and send money online to many people, in transactions that needn’t have to do anything with betting.

We record how much you pay for this service and how much we pay you back. As the difference between these grows, we reduce our betting fee.

After you place your first bet, we invite you to a private forum.

My teams provide people, methods, and means to help manage your relationships, data, and resources: www.sol.enterprises